The Fjord country and local area

Bautahøj is located in unique surroundings in the heart of the Fjord country, with Isefjord in the backyard and our own private beach.

The area around Bautahøj is steeped in history. Our own park has several listed burial mounds. Jægerspris Castle is only 7 km away and the Nordskoven woodland, which is home of Europe’s biggest and oldest oak tree, is “just on the other side of the road”. The whole of the Fjord country is perfect for long cycle rides. It is not far from Bautahøj to Frederikssund, with its friendly pedestrian street and the new Sillebroen shopping centre.

Frederikssund is also where you will find J.F. Willumsen’s Museum and the reconstructed Viking site on the “Calf Island”, Kalveøen, where you can go behind the scenes at Frederikssund Viking Games. One of the last remaining steam ships in Denmark, S/S Skjelskør, sails on Roskilde Fjord from Frederikssund’s harbour.

One of Denmark’s few vineyards, Degnemosegård, is only a 20 minute drive from Bautahøj. Svanholm Manor is home to Europe’s largest private collective. Visit Svanholm’s 100% organic production of vegetables, cattle and forestry and much more.

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