Team building

At Bautahøj, nature is an important “co-player” and is an obvious focal point. Bautahøj conference centre goes right down to Isefjord and has at its disposal over 90,000 m2 parkland in some of the most beautiful Danish countryside, in the form of beach, park and woodland areas. The views over Isefjord from the hotel will improve any scenario.

Take a break in the attractive nature
Use the surroundings for walk and talks during courses, as a backdrop for creative team building or as a much-needed break between conference items. A beach and some water is a good starting point for numerous water-sports activities. Woodland and parkland are perfect locations for orienteering, role-play, ball games and other team activities which can be adapted to each event.

Why not start the day with open-air Zumba, yoga on the beach or a mountain bike ride in the rolling terrain? Call us to find out more!

Bautahøj is able to offer a multitude of activities
Our own activity room has several activities that you can add to your programme as something to do during the breaks. In the activity room you will find a pool table, table football, air hockey and (not least) Nintendo Wii. Or what about indoor water activities in our swimming pool, followed by a heated sauna?

Team building activities with our partners
Bautahøj has a number of skilled and competent partners, including:

These partners are all able to offer a wide range of team building activities, as well as coaching and feedback for personal development.

Read more about our partners below
We have a partnership with, who can set up a “Team Challenge” for your company or department. This is a team competition and challenge involving archery, which is both fun and different.
NEW: Laser clay pigeon shooting
A perfect activity for breaks during meetings, for your summer party or evening social gathering.

The system includes 5 authentic shotguns, which have been modified to “fire” infra-red radio signals. A launcher fires “clay pigeons” up into the air. When the shooter “hits” the “clay pigeon”, this is recorded on the electronic scoreboard. Up to 5 people can shoot at the same “clay pigeon” at once. Up to 4 different games can be played. It can also be used during the evening after dark, as the “pigeons” can be made luminous.

Peters Adventure Games
We also have a partnership with Peter’s Adventure Games, who developed the TV show “Fangerne på Fortet”, and is very much inspired by the TV show. Each team has its own “Passepartout”, an instructor who guides the participants safely through the various challenges, such as snakes, heights, lots of water, wizards, balancing tasks, broken glass etc.

Dolphin Group
Since 1996, Dolphin Group has been offering professional programmes in employee and management development, team building and kick-offs. Their goal is to set up flexible, challenging, inspirational and performance enhancing training environments for teams and team leaders in both the private and public sectors. Their list of successes is a long one.

Midgaard Event
We also have a partnership with Midgaard Event, who arrange “whodunnit” murder mysteries, where participants become involved in the most mysterious of circumstances, with various role allocations.

Stomp Along
Another of our partners is “Stomp Along”, where the interaction between rhythm and good humour is the main focus. Participants perform in their own “stomp” show. The group works together, taking everyday utilities, such as brushes, buckets and newspapers etc., transforming them into dance “partners” and using them to make swinging stomp music. You really should try this!

Vice-Versa Event
If you need a breathing space, Vice-Versa Event has a broad range of concepts that make it easy for you to find a solution that will suit your event perfectly. What about “Høvdingebold”, which is based on an official concept from Danish Television’s DR1 entertainment programming? Beer brewing/tasting? Or a “crazy devices” contest in the tradition of Danish innovator Storm P?

If you feel like bringing out your more playful side, Fun Events and their SuperEvent concept has numerous options. SuperEvent offers a different form of interactive entertainment, which is presented here at Bautahøj. “Increase your happiness at work and your creativity” with events that will boost both areas.

Yoga på Bautahøj
We also offer yoga during your stay here at Bautahøj conference centre, with focus on aching office-shoulders.