Alternative breaks

Why not try something new?

Allow us to prepare a different break for you in the middle of the day, when it is time to take a break from your meeting, conference or course.

We have put together a variety of breaks for you to choose from, which will stimulate your palate and, particularly, your brain.

The creative break
With toasted rye bread grissini with olive oil and sea salt, emmental sticks, a home-made smoothie and a bit of cake.

Power break
With rye crackers with cottage cheese and smoked salmon, garnished with bean sprouts, a tasty chunk of delicious good quality dark chocolate and the famous BautaBooster, with a bit of cake.

Travel break
With Greek yoghurt with elderflower and fruit, home-made crisp-bread and juice from the local Østergaarden fruit plantation, with a bit of cake.

Healthy break
With sliced fruit, green snacks, low-fat cake and juice from the local Østergaarden fruit plantation.

Price per person DKK 75.
If you would prefer this instead of cake in the afternoon, the price is DKK 45 per person.

BEER break
We serve 3 different kinds of beer, together with beer sausages, home-salted almonds and olives.

Price per person DKK 100.

Lantern-lit trip to the beach incl. drink:
A nature trail leads from Bautahøj down to the Isefjord. Let us make the trip together while carrying lanterns and learning a little bit about the history of the local area as we go. We will stop off at one of our burial mounds, then move on to our private sandy beach, where we can enjoy a hot or cold drink in the light from the lanterns, depending on the season. From there, the tour heads back to the hotel, where evening coffee awaits in the sitting rooms.

Min. number of participants is 12. Price per person DKK 75.

NB: All of the above options must be ordered at least 4 days in advance.